FIVE Axis Milling Machining Center

FIVE Axis Milling Machining Center has a Five-axis linkage and  a Four-axis linkage

Machine Features Description

FIVE Axis Milling Machining Center is a high-end 5-axis synchronized milling and turning compound machining center.

The main machine adopts a box-type slide structure, direct drive BC double rotary table, Three-axis rolling guideway, and five-axis closed-loop control. The machine tool has functions of five-axis synchronized milling and compound vertical and horizontal cnc lathe. milling and turning share chain type tool magazine. Milling and turning mode are seamlessly converted. it has high speed and high reliability. One clamp can complete many kinds of cutting.

The equipment is suitable for complex surface and polyhedron parts of precision milling and turning compound processing, widely used in aerospace, ships, automobiles, cutting tools, high-speed rail, medical equipment, dies, IT, and other manufacturing industries, and is equipment supported by a national major project.

VMC1060 CNC Machining center 5 axis


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