VMC850 Vertical cnc machining center manufacturer in china

what is the price of the VMC850 CNC Machining center?

According to the basic parameters, see if it is suitable for the size of your workpiece

VMC850 X-axis travel: 800mm ,Y axis travel:500mm, Z axis travel:500mm    Table Size:1000 X500mm

How to choose the VMC CNC system

GSK25i /GSK218M Gsk is a famous brand in China, The quality of the system is stable, and the warranty period is as long as 3 years. Support 4-axis 5 workers rotary table.

KND1000/2000 is a Chinese famous brand

Siemens 808D  Siemens 808D A15  is Siemens’ cheapest machining center CNC system,4-axis installation is not supported but the price is cheap.

Siemens808D A16 Support installation of 4 axis

Siemens840D is a relatively high-end system from Siemens Support’s five-axis five linkages. But the price is higher

You can also choose FANUC/ Mitsubishi M80 /Syntec 22MA system for your VMC850

VMC850 Tool magazine

Funnel-type tool magazine with 20T tool positions or Arm type tool magazine with 24T

cnc machining center change tools milling machine VMC850 CNC milling machine VMC850 CNC

VMC850 cnc machining center Spindle

BMT40-150 Spindle speed 8000Rpm (belt type), Long-term use of more than 5000 rpm requires Coolant through the spindle. Spindle cooling  Can increase the service life of the spindle  More suitable for heavy cutting

BMT40-150 Spindle speed 1000rpm (belt type)

BMT40-150 Spindle Speed 12000rpm(Spindle direct connection)must Coolant through the spindle and direct connection,High speed can be used for a long time.

vmc850 4 axis and 5 axis

4 axis FK15125 or AR170 ,                               5 axis

CNC Machining center 5 axis 4axis VMC850

VMC850 Add some other configurations

Chip conveyor

Wireless Probing – Mill
Automate your setup process with the Haas Wireless Intuitive Probing System (WIPS). WIPS allows you to quickly and easily define work offset coordinates, vmcset tool length offsets, and perform in-process inspection, for both part inspection and tool breakage detection




What are the models of vertical machining center?

Small cnc milling machine  :VMC300 Cnc Machining Center  ,VMC500, VMC550, VMC600

Cnc machining center:VMC 640 VMC650,VMC850,VMC855,VMC1060,VMC1270.VMC1160, VMC1370, VMC1580

Cnc machining  price

The user chooses the machining center suitable for him according to his actual workpiece size

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