X6132 Horizontal Milling and Boring machine

X6132 Horizontal Milling and Boring machine

1. X6132 Horizontal Milling and Boring machine is a general-purpose machine tool, mainly suitable for mass production, single piece small batch production, machining department, and tool repair department.

2. It is suitable for milling various parts with cylindrical, disc milling cutters, angle milling cutters, forming milling cutters, and face milling cutters. This milling machine can process planes, inclined surfaces, grooves, holes, gears, etc. If you use the universal milling head, original workbench, indexing head, and other milling machine accessories, you can expand the processing range of the machine tool.

3. The workbench can rotate 45º to the left and right. When the workbench rotates around its vertical center at a certain angle and is equipped with a dividing head, it can still mill and cut helical surfaces (such as spiral grooves of drill bits, helical gears, drums, etc.)

The X6132 Horizontal Milling and Boring machine is a versatile piece of equipment used in a wide range of industries for various machining operations. milling machineX6132 Horizontal Milling and Boring machine is a powerful metal cutting horizontal universal milling machine with a lifting table.



  1. Milling operations: The X6132 machine is primarily used for milling operations, such as slotting, keyway cutting, and gear cutting. The machine has a horizontal spindle that rotates the cutting tool, which can be positioned at different angles for various types of milling operations.
  2. Boring operations: The machine is also used for boring operations, where a single-point cutting tool is used to enlarge an existing hole or to create a precise cylindrical hole in a workpiece. The machine has a spindle that can be adjusted for different depths and diameters of the hole.
  3. Drilling operations: The machine can be used for drilling operations as well. The machine has a drill chuck that can hold different sizes of drill bits and can be used to drill holes in a workpiece.
  4. Facing operations: The machine can be used for facing operations, where a flat surface is created on the workpiece by removing material using a cutting tool.

X6132 Horizontal Milling and Boring machine Features:

  1. Heavy-duty construction: The X6132 machine is built with a heavy-duty cast iron body that provides stability and durability during machining operations. The machine can handle large and heavy workpieces without any problems.
  2. Horizontal spindle: The machine has a horizontal spindle that provides high accuracy and stability during machining operations. The spindle can be adjusted for different angles to perform various types of milling operations.
  3. Table movement: The machine has a large worktable that can move in different directions, providing flexibility for various machining operations. The table can move longitudinally, transversely, and vertically.
  4. Automatic feed: The machine has an automatic feed system that provides a constant and even feed rate during machining operations, resulting in a uniform surface finish and precise dimensions.
  5. Digital readout: The machine is equipped with a digital readout system that displays the position of the worktable and spindle accurately, making it easy to set up and operate the machine.
  6. Tooling: The machine has a wide range of tooling options, including milling cutters, boring bars, drill bits, and various types of cutting tools, which can be easily changed and adjusted to suit different machining operations.
    Table size(length × width)mm1325×3201700×400
    Number/Width/Distance of T-slotmm3/18/703/18/80
    Max. load of tablekg500800
    Longitudinal travel (manual/auto)mm700/680900/800
    Transverse travel (manual/auto)mm255 /240315/300
    Vertical travel (manual/auto)mm320/300380/360
    Cutting feed speed(X/Y/Z)mm/min23.5-1180
    Rapid feed speed(X/Y/Z)mm/min2300/2300/7702300/2300/770
    Spindle speed rangerpm30-150030-1500
    Spindle speed stepsteps1818
    Max. swivel angle of the work table±45°±45°
    Distance between spindle axis and table surfacemm30-35030-410
    Spindle taperISO50 7:24ISO50 7:24
    Spindle boremmΦ29
    Spindle motor powerkW7.511
    Feed motor powerkW1.51.5
    Overall dimension(L×W×H)mm2294×1770×16102594×2159×1770
    Net weightkg26503850

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