VMC1270 Vertical 5-Axis Cnc Machining center

VMC1270 Vertical 5-Axis Cnc Machining center

1.To ensure the accuracy of artificial scraping

2.laser inspection

3.position accuracy ±0.006

machining center VMC CNC Machine

VMC1270 Vertical 5-Axis Cnc Machining center is made of high-grade cast iron with twice heat treatments and magnetic resonance. Natural aging relieves internal stress to ensure the lasting best rigidity and high precision. The bed base assembled with the long-span column design increases the contact area between the column and the base. A 3-axis machine tool assembled with square guide rails increases the processing strength and stock resistance significantly. The epoxy resin stick processing and artificial scraping grinding ensure precision and stability,

VMC1270 Vertical 5-Axis Cnc Machining center Standard accessories

VMC1270 Machine tool  FANUC SYSTEM /SIEMENS/GSK218M/SYNTEC /Mitsubishi system

BT40/8000RPM Spindle  or BT50/6000RPM Spindle

Spindle Oil cooler

Constant temperature device in the electrical box

Fully automatic lubrication system

Spindle oil cooling system

Cutting blow device

cutting cooling unitVMC1160 MACHINING CENTER

Rigid tapping function

Leveling screw and footings

Operating instruction

Basic toolbox


24/30/32 Disk knife library

Spindle center outlet system

Tool measuring system

cnc machining center spindle 12000 RPM CNC machining center spindle

VMC1270 Vertical 5-Axis Cnc Machining center Specification

TableSizeMM1300 X700
Max loadKGS850
T-Slot sizeMM18 X 5
Working areaX-axisMM1200
Spindle nose to tableMM100-800
Spindle center to z axis guide surfaceMM750
spindleSpindle taperBT40-150
Spindle speedRPM8000
spindle motor powerKW11/15
FeedFast feedXM/MIN24
cutting speedMM/MIN1-1000
feed motor powerXN22
CapacityTypes tool changersFunnel type tool changer/Arm type tool changer ATC
Capacity of tools20/24
Tool change timeS8/2.5
AccuracyPosition AccuracyMM±0.006
Sizemachine sizeMM3500 X 2900 X 2800
Packing dimensionMM

How to choose a Machining center

1. CNC system There are many options for our CNC system

GSK218M KND Syntec (Chinese famous brand)  GSK KND has a long warranty of 3 years
FANUC/ Mitsubishi /Siemens
2. Tool magazine selection

(funnel type tool magazine capacity 16 20 Arm type tool magazine capacity 24 tool magazines
Funnel tool magazine, low price, 24 arn type magazines, high-cost performance, fast tool change

3. Selection of spindle speed

Spindle speed There are 8000/10000/12000rpm. The main difference between the three specifications is that the selected spindle bearings are different.
8000 rpm uses 8.1 large steel ball bearings, and 12000 rpm uses 6.7 small steel ball bearings. The bearing capacity differs by 13% in the axial direction and 22% in the radial direction. It is obvious that the 8000 rpm spindle is more rigid than the 12000 spindles, and is more suitable for heavy steel parts. cutting. The bearing for 12000 rpm is the same as that for 1000 rpm. The bearing is a loose fit, so it is more suitable for high-speed cutting. It is suitable for processing soft materials such as aluminum alloy. The spindle speed is not as high as possible, it should be selected according to your actual processing needs.

4. 4-axis machine tools and 5-axis machine tools can be selected

Contact us to send drawings and we can help you choose the best machine for you

5. If you are an agent, you can customize the appearance (MOQ 3 sets)
6. coolant through spindle
7. Spindle oil cooling (when the rotation speed reaches a long time 5000 pm



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