XH7136 Cnc Milling Machine



3.Spindle speed 8000rpm















milling machineThis XH7136 Cnc milling machine is a simple CNC milling machine with strong bearing capacity; the main transmission system adopts a frequency conversion speed regulation structure; the scope of application is wider, and various processes such as milling, drilling, and boring can be completed by using this machine tool. Therefore, it is an ideal processing equipment for machinery, electronics, instruments, meters, automobiles, motorcycles, and other industries.

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XH7136 Cnc Milling Machine Specification

1. The maximum diameter of end milling: 25mm
2. The maximum width of end milling:125mm
3. The maximum drilling diameter:30mm
4. Spindle type: BT40
5. Spindle speed range:8000RPM
6. The distance from the end face of the spindle to the table surface: 100 ~ 550 mm
7. The distance from the spindle center to the guide rail surface of the column:420mm
8. Table Size :(length×width) :1250×360mm
9. Table travel: (X×Y×Z) 900×320×450mm
10. Table T-slot size :3 -14 × 95
11. Positioning accuracy:0.01 mm
12. Repeat positioning accuracy:±0.005 mm
13. The minimum setting unit: 0.001 mm
14. Spindle motor: 5.5KW
15. Tool holder model: BT40
16. Overall dimensions of the machine tool: 1900×2200×2450mm
17. Machine tool weight:3000KG

XH7136 structure

This machine tool is composed of bed base, sliding base, column, worktable, spindle box, cooling, lubrication, protection, electrical and other parts.

XH7136 Features

This machine tool has high speed, wide speed range, high precision, large bearing capacity and stable performance. It is equipped with a high-end three-coordinate numerical control system and has high-precision comprehensive processing capabilities for planes, holes, grooves, and arcs. It has an ideal performance-price ratio.

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