Cnc Lathe with milling

Cnc Lathe with milling

1. GSK980TDI (the x z y axis motor is a servo motor)
2. Hydraulic Chuck Hydraulic Station
3. Side 4 ends 4+Y axis hydraulic brake
4. Knife gang 4 knife holders

Power tool

metal latheCnc Lathe with milling Introduction development of manufacturing technology has led to the emergence of various machine tools. One of the most important machine tools in modern manufacturing is the CNC lathe, which has undergone significant development over the years. In this article, we will discuss the characteristics of a CNC lathe that incorporates milling capabilities, commonly referred to as a “Turning and milling CNC lathe”.

Cnc Lathe with milling Specification

Max. swing diameter over bedmm400
Max. swing diameter over slidemm120
X/Z maximum strokemm350/400
X/Z fast-moving feed12000
Max. workpiece lengthmm300/270
end face power tool to spindlemm100
Spindle boremm52
Drawn pipe diametermm42
Spindle speed rangermp50-3000
X/Z repeat positioning accuracymm0.01
Tool post
Tool bar20X20
Main motor powerkw3.7KW
Power tool modelTJ-ER254(4+4)
Y Axis travelmm200
Y axis motor6N
power tool spacing60mm
Power tool motor15N
Maximum speedrpm2800
Collet modelER25
Clamping rangemm2-16mm
Overall dimensions(LxWxH)mm2200x1700x1800
Net weightkgs1400

Lathe with milling High Precision

One of the most important features of a Turning and milling CNC lathe is its high precision. It is designed to accurately produce parts with tight tolerances, ensuring consistent quality and dimensional accuracy. This is achieved through the use of a closed-loop control system that constantly monitors and adjusts the cutting parameters, ensuring that the machine maintains the desired accuracy throughout the production process.

CK40L Cnc lathe  Versatility

Another important feature of cnc turning center is its versatility. The machine is capable of performing multiple operations in a single setup, which reduces the need for multiple machines and setup times. This makes it a popular choice for high-volume production runs where efficiency is critical. Additionally, the machine can be programmed to produce a wide variety of parts, making it ideal for small-batch production runs.

CK40L High Production Speed

cnc turning center lathe machine is designed to operate at high speeds, making it possible to produce parts at a rapid pace. This is achieved through the use of high-speed spindles, which can rotate at speeds of up to 3000-5000 rpm or more. This high-speed capability, combined with the machine’s ability to perform multiple operations in a single setup, results in a significant increase in production throughput.

Automatic Tool Changing

Turning and milling CNC lathe is equipped with an automatic tool changing system, which enables the machine to change tools quickly and efficiently. This system allows the machine to perform multiple operations without operator intervention, reducing the risk of errors and increasing productivity. The tool changing system is also designed to minimize tool wear, ensuring that the machine operates at peak performance for extended periods.

Advanced Control System

Turning and milling CNC lathe is equipped with an advanced control system that enables operators to program and control the machine with a high degree of precision. The control system features a user-friendly interface that allows operators to quickly and easily program the machine, set cutting parameters, and monitor production. The control system also features advanced diagnostic capabilities that enable operators to quickly identify and resolve issues, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity.

High-Level Automation

Another important feature of a Turning and milling CNC lathe is its high-level automation capabilities. The machine is equipped with sensors and actuators that enable it to perform operations automatically, without the need for operator intervention. This results in a significant reduction in operator workload, enabling operators to focus on other tasks while the machine runs automatically.

Cnc Lathe with milling  Conclusion

In conclusion, Turning and milling CNC lathe is a versatile and high-precision machine tool that is capable of performing multiple operations in a single setup. It is designed to operate at high speeds, with advanced control and automation capabilities that enable it to produce parts quickly and efficiently. Its automatic tool changing system, coupled with its high-level automation, reduces the need for operator intervention, increasing productivity and reducing the risk of errors. These features make the car milling compound CNC lathe a popular choice for high-volume production runs, as well as small-batch production runs that require high precision and accuracy.


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