XH7126 Milling Machine

XH7126 Milling Machine Main configuration

Table size:800*260mm

X Y Z: 500*300*450mm

Cnc controller: GSK/GUNT-350iMа



CNC milling machine XK7124, XH7126  is an economical CNC machine tool integrating fine milling, drilling, and tapping functions. X, Y, Z three-axis servo, semi-closed loop, point control vertical CNC drilling and milling machine.
The XH7124/XH7126 series of CNC machine tools have an optimized structure and shape design that is compact, reasonable, and enhanced rigidity. It can realize the processing of complex parts such as various discs, plates, shells, cams, molds, etc., and can complete various processes such as drilling, milling, and tapping. It is suitable for the production of batch products and can meet the requirements for small and medium-sized workpieces. Drilling, tapping, milling process processing.

XH7126 Milling Machine Features

(1). Straight line and arc cutting: It can complete the fine milling of straight lines and arcs at any angle, and multi-point drilling and tapping.
(2). Backlash-free transmission: The speed and precision are greatly improved by adopting preloaded ball screw transmission.
(3). Protection The protection system is suitable for processing and teaching, with electronic timing and strong lubrication to prevent the artificial lack of oil on the track surface and strain.
(4). High reliability: the casting process of the body is advanced, the aging treatment process is adopted, and the casting label reaches the national standard.
(5). CNC function: The standard configuration provides a wealth of NC functions to achieve high-speed and high-precision four-axis motion control. It adopts an 8″ color widescreen LCD and is equipped with soft function keys. The interface is intuitive and fast, and the newly designed engineering plastic panel is beautiful and generous. , high strength, good protection, high integration of the whole machine, and strong product reliability.

XH7126 Milling Machine specification

2Tool magazine12 Funnel type tool changer
3Work  Table  S  i  ze8 0 0 * 2 6 0/240 mm
4Max   l oad3 0 0 KGS
5X axi s5 0 0 mm
6Y axi s3 0 0 mm
7Z axi s4 5 0 mm
8Spi n dle   nose to t a ble70  520mm
9Spi n dle t aperBT4 0
10Spi  n  dle  Speed6 0 0 0 RPM
11Spi n dle   mot mor   power3 . 7 k w




Fase    feed

X                                         12M/ MIN
Y1 2 M/  MIN
Z1 0M/  MIN
13Cutting      feed1  5000M/ MIN




Feed   mot  or   power

X                                          6N
Y                                          6N
Z10 N



Machine   s i ze

1 8 0 0 * 1 6 5 0 * 2 1 5 0 mm
1 5 5 0 KGS


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