CK6180 Cnc Lathe

CK6180 CNC LATHE can automatically complete the processing of internal and cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, arc surfaces, arc surfaces, end surfaces, etc., and can also realize the turning processing of single and multi-head threads in public, English, and various other forms

1. High base strength, widened carriage, suitable for strong turning

2. Four-station electric knife holder

3. Four-speed change of the main shaft,step-less frequency conversion speed regulation

4. Standard configuration: Manual chuck

5. Select configuration: Hydraulic chuck

6.CK6180 Max. working length 1500/2000/3000/4000/5000

Horizontal lathe

CK6180 lathe machine




Machining RangeMax. Swing over bedMM800
Max. Swing over cross slideMM520
Max. center distanceMM2000/5000
SpindleSpindle boreMM105
Spindle speed stepsRPM3 steps,100-435/30-140/220-850
ChuckMMHydraulic Chuck
Lathe bedBed widthMM550
Feedx/z fast feedMm/


Tool TurretNumber of tool turret4/6
Tool shank typeMM32*32
Working accuracyPositioning accuracyMMX≤0.02

Z ≤0.025

Repeatability Positioning accuracyMMX≤0.015

Z ≤0.010

Diameter uniformityMM≤0.03length 300mm)
Surface roughness≤Ra3.2umSteel parts
TailstockDia.of tailstock sleeveMM120
Tailstock sleeve taperMT6
Max. Tailstock sleeve travelMM250
MotorSpindle drive motor powerKW11
Coolant pump powerKW120

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