BQ5040 Slotting Machine

BQ5040 Slotting machine

The primary function of a slotting machine is to create slots and grooves in a variety of workpieces with high precision and repeatability. It is a versatile machining tool that can also be used to create flat surfaces, bevels, and chamfers on workpieces. A slotting machine is an important tool in industries where precision machining is critical, and it can help to increase productivity and reduce production costs.

B5030 Slotting machineA BQ5040 slotting machine, also known as a slotter, is a specialized machining tool that is used for creating slots, grooves, and other types of intricate shapes in metal or wood. It is a vertical shaper that operates on the principle of reciprocation, in which the cutting tool moves up and down to remove material from the workpiece.

The primary function of a slotting machine is to create slots and grooves in a variety of workpieces. This may include creating keyways in shafts, cutting internal and external splines, making dovetail slots, creating slots for gears, cutting slots in machine parts for securing bolts, and more.

One of the advantages of a slotting machine is its ability to cut very precise slots and grooves with high accuracy and repeatability. This is particularly important in industries where precision is critical, such as in the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries. The slotting machine can also be used to create irregular shapes and contours that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with other machining tools.

BQ5040 Slotting machine

Max.cutting length400mm
Interpolated inner hole360mm
Max.weight of workpiece500kg
Max.cutting force750N
The number of reciprocations per minute of the ram20.32.50.80
Ram vertical adjustment315mm
Max.size of plug(width height)20×40mm
Table diameter630mm
Distance between support surface of cutter head and front wall of the bed600mm
Worktable surface to the lower end of carriage690mm
Worktable Max.longitudinal movement distance620mm
Worktable Max.lateral movement distance560mm
Worktable vertical and horizontal maneuvering feed range0.08-1.21mm
Worktable rotary maneuvering feed range0.052-0.783deg
Motor power4kw
Motor speed960rpm
Machine size2290×1525×2485mm
Machine weight3700kgs
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